Policies: (& other legal type stuff.)

        These are the policies of The Tailor’s Workshop. We stand by them. They are not, however, worded in that dreadful "Legalese" language, but instead, on a more down to earth, and slightly militant level that we are sure will be clearly understood by all.

General terms of Business:

It's pretty basic:

We will deal fairly with you, We expect the same.


        WE are the best at what we offer. Do not be fooled by knock-offs of our products. They may seem a better deal and yes some are cheaper, but perhaps this refers to their product and not just their price. you be the judge, take your time, we are sure you will buy the one this better for you.

TO this end, we stand behind the workmanship of every garment. If we sewed it wrong....If the sleeve just falls off....If your clasp broke, you let us know and we will fix it.


IF you let your dog chew it....If you run a sword through it....If you toss it in a corner wet from hours of rain and let it mildew.......

TO BAD, you're on your own. Treat your costumes well and you will have them for years, abuse them and they will fall apart with no one to blame (including us) but yourself.

SO, all that said let's move on.

Shipping & Receiving:

Most large items are not in stock but those that are will be shipped as soon as we receive your order. If an item is not in stock, allow construction time for the item before shipment, and please bare in mind that there may be other orders ahead of you. Since items that are not in stock force us to go through the same time and effort as a custom order, the two are billed the same. i.e. you are charged when work begins, not when the item is shipped.

Late Shipments:

Yes, it does happen. We are growing faster that we can keep up. when orders are placed, the general time frames for delivery apply. However, these guidelines are not absolute. fabrics or materials may not by immediately available, production scheduling may be backed up, etc. Needless to say, please bare with us. If is late, Don't freak out. it's only late, it will arrive. Phone us if you must, but it's best just to let us work.

Payments & Billing:

All Payments for any items or services are due in full, at the time of purchase. Yes, even for special orders. Why?...Because making special orders or items out of stock costs us time and money. Both force us to go through the same steps as a custom order, therefore, both are billed when work begins, not when the item is shipped. There are NO refunds, unless there is a VERY legitimate reason.(and we decide what is legitimate) why?.... Because we have already spent time and resources on making your order. P.S. Late shipment is NOT a legitimate reason.

Refunds & Returns:

WE are not Walmart. When you order something from us, it takes time and money. We will expertly make your request, but we are not in a position to refund purchases, willy-nilly. If your concern is legitimate, we will make every effort to correct or satisfy. We want your long term business. However, in the unlikely event we find we are unable to correct the situation, and it is necessary to return the item to us, your refund will be granted in the form of a store credit equal to the purchase price.


If you're returning a velvet cloak that your daughter used for prom and no longer needs with the excuse that " it just doesn't hang right, and I want my money back. " ......think again.

A final note:

While the plain speech of these policies may have made you laugh, they are no joke.

There are No refunds.
There are No exchanges, unless we deem it warranted.
Your item may be late due to our heavy work load, we apologize in advance.
Your satisfaction in the quality of our goods is a priority.
The time frame in which you receive goods may suffer to favor giving you the best item we can.
We want your long term patronage.
Items in stock are shipped immediately
If a shipment is late or you just want to touch base, feel free to contact us. We are at your disposal.
You are billed when work begins, NOT when item is shipped.
Allow at least 6 to 8 weeks for delivery of items out of stock (longer if its near Halloween)
If it isn't obvious, Honesty is our prime directive.